Freedom Festival Schedule

Saturday Schedule at Frandy Campground
11:00 am Gates open, musical welcome by Marc Irving Weber
12:00 pm Main Stage entertainment begins
12:15 pm Opening Speakers
12:30 pm Out of the Question with Valerie Cassity's Tribute to Mary Travers of Peter, Paul & Mary
1:30 pm Speakers including Dr. Mark Martinez- "Myth of the Free Market" and Dr. Holly Spohn-Gross - Rotary World Polio Day
1:55 pm RJ Eskow - musical entertainment
2:30 pm Speaker Nadia McCaffrey ? Veteran?s Village
2:55 pm Gary Mazzola & Acoustic Planet - musical entertainment
3:40 pm Speaker Dwayne Hunn - World Service Corp
4:15 pm Dos Guys - musical entertainment
4:40 pm Speaker Richard Greene from Air America, Hollywood Clout!
5:10 pm Banshee in the Kitchen - Celtic women's musical group
5:45 pm Keynote Speaker, Cenk Uygur, from Air America's - The Young Turks
6:40 pm Brian Vander Ark - Headline musical act
8:00 pm Campfire Sing-along with Archie Logsdon
10:00 pm Closing
Sunday Schedule at Oddfellows Hall
12:00 pm Panel Discussion: "What does Progressive Mean?" with RJ Eskow, Cenk Uygur, and more
1:00 pm Panel Discussion on "Health Care Reform"
2:00 pm Presentation by Uduak Ntak on "Global Climate Change"
3:00 pm Panel Discussion on Green Energy and Green Building Opportunities
4:00 pm Presentation by Nadia McCaffrey about "Veteran's Village"
5:00 pm Panel Discussion: "Creating Sustainable Communities in the Face of Budget Cuts" & "Localism"
6:00 pm Presentation by Dr. Holly Spohn-Gross and Dwayne Hunn on "Global Action"
7:00 pm Free Screening of the Rotary International film - Rotary India Polio Project Film - "The Final Inch"